Hello KidZone families!

My name is Stephanie, I'm the small business owner behind Pristine Photography! It's always a pleasure to be able to spend time photographing your little ones and I hope you enjoy the images we took and that you'll consider me for future photography needs!

KidZone families will receive $25 off a summer 2024 family portrait session!

To get started, please click on your child's name to enter their PROOF gallery.

The FAQ below should answer any of your questions!

Please try to find the answer below before reaching out directly to me. Although I am always happy to help and will do my best to respond ASAP if you do find yourself needing additional assistance, response times can vary (I am a one-woman show, so please be patient). I do my best to respond within 24 hours!

My e-mail is steph@pristinephotography.ca

BTS - Studio paint session - Milestone 2 year


Print ordering closes at 4PM on May 23rd.

Late PRINT orders will be charged additional fees

Preschool graduation 2024

-- Please allow 24 - 48 hours for proofs albums to be loaded --




LATE ORDERS - Extra fees - Why?

Late print orders will be charged additional fees:

This isn't because I want to be difficult and penalize you, honest! All prints are ordered from a professional printing lab, which is located out of province.

In order to provide school rates, the order NEEDS to be submitted to the printer all together.

Unfortunately, when you order late, I have to send a new order to. the printer. A $20 print order will cost me at least $15 in shipping fees, plus the cost of each print. This means I am spending more money than you are paying and no one can survive running a business like that. Please remember that Pristine Photography is a small local business and these deadlines are here to give you the best rates I can. **DIgital orders do not incurr additional fees**

RETAKE information

Unfortunately coming back onsite for retakes is not always a possibility for the photographer. Scheduling retakes for a small group of people can be difficult to coordinate and even when we try our best, coming back to the school to reshoot 1-2 kids just isn't plausable for a small business. Speaking from experience, there is a lot of equipment to be brought in and set up and things come up, people forget about the reshoot or miss it due to illness, etc.

However, we absolutely want you to love your photos. If you think your child needs retakes done, you can arrange to have them taken at our photography studio.

Retakes would require a small fee of $10 for the session and would take place at our STUDIO location and not the school.

Please reach out to steph@pristinephotography.ca to schedule.

When do I have to order by?

Print orders MUST be received by May 23rd, otherwise there will be additonal fees.

Digital copies can be ordered anytime but galleries will be removed from our system on June 23rd.

If you're hoping to place an order after June 23rd, you will need to contact us. We do keep the images on file.

How do I order?

Please find your childs name in the above list and click on it. This will open a new gallery and ask you for your password.

Once you are in the gallery, you will see an option. that says "purchase photos".

I don't know my password!

You should have received a letter from your child's teacher that included this link as well as their password. If you did not receive the password, the school does have a list of each child's passwords.

My password isn't working!

Step 1: Ensure you are on the correct gallery and that you have the password provided for that gallery.

Step 2: Please make sure you are using all capital letters and no spaces.

If it still doesn't work, please don't panic, it is likely an entry error (each password had to entered manually and occasional typos can happen). E-mail Steph@pristinephotography.ca and I'll happily look in to this. Please include child's name, the password you were given and I'll respond as soon as I can!

When do I get my prints?

We understand the anticipation of seeing your final photos.

Prints should be available at the school for pick up on June 5

Digital photos will be delivered in your gallery within 1 week (you will get an e-mail letting you know).

Occasionally delays will happen but I will always do my best to send you updates on any impact to your order(s).

Will my purchased photos be watermarked?


Only purchased photos will be retouched.

Please note that these are "proof" galleries, retouching is not done until a photo is ordered you are simply looking for pose and expression.

Once an image is ordered, retouching will be completed (cropping, colour correction & minor skin retouching) before the image is delivered.

Do you edit the photos before printing?

Yes, all photos in your proof gallery are low-resolution, unretouched and watermarked.

When you place your order, I will go in and retouch the purchased photos (minor skin retouching, colour balance, exposure, crop, etc) before sending it out.

I can't find my child's name.

This is rare but can happen, if your child had their photo taken at the school and you can't find them in our list, please e-mail and I'll investigate right away.


split families - Concerns

Sometimes families have more than one home and I absolutely understand (I had two homes growing up too).

You may be concerned that your order could go to the wrong house.

When you order from our website, your order is attached to your name. If mom orders a package and then dad orders one, they will NOT be packaged together. Each order will be packaged on it's own and labeled with the name of purchaser.

KidZone usually knows when a child has multiple homes/parental units and has been great at ensuring orders go to the correct parent.

Do you ship orders?

School orders automatically get delivered to the school.

If there is a circumstance where something needs to be mailed, please reach out to me, we can discuss shipping options/fees.